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Wie im ersten Teil führt die die Reise in " The House 2 " in ein verlassenes Spukhaus. Während Sie sich von einem Zimmer ins nächste. TheHOUSE 2 () is a Flash horror point and click games created by SINTHAI Boonmaitree - SINTHAIstudio (THAILAND). In The House 2 Explore a very scary house that has been left alone for decades because stories tell that their are poltergeists in this house. The original family. You just click on the clickable areas agan and again randomly until the game trows something at you seemingly at random. Can we rate in negatives? There's no "one-size-fits-all" game out there that I hot wheels spiele of. I'd rather I werem't alone, even in broad daylight. Nothing is logical, so it's neither a puzzle game nor a horror game. ALLE SPIELE FÜR MÄDCHEN. The clicking somehow makes us expecting something but it didn't come out then when the surprise comes we got a heart attack!

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So if you get scared or startled or shocked easily, I really wouldn't play this at night! I'm getting the white screen too! Just wanted to clear that up. Oops, something went wrong while loading your game. Yeah, they're mainly all jump scares, but they're effective. The House 2 This game has a lot of the visuals and audio elements of mainstream horror games. By the time I got to the Working Room, I turned off the sound and put on my Ipod, made the screen as small as possible, and actually yelped when the lights flickered. the hose 2

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BOOK OR RA ONLINE SPIELEN OHNE ANMELDUNG What this thing has in spades is style and scares. But why, oh why do you have to click three things 5 million times just to get a minor shock? Riders of Icarus - Raserei des Waldläufers-Update veröffentlicht - Alle Infos. Gave up in the bathroom. This game is REALLY scary! Click on the door 6 times. I am with the one that feels it is pointless to click click click and porno gay know if we are getting .
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NOBLE CASINO WYPŁATA Apps Multiplayer Action Abenteuer Denkspiele GIRLS Rennspiele Sport Mehr Für dich Top-Kategorien. It was good, but I already knew what was going to happen Anyone know how to pass that room? Ah, screen went black, won't do anything Check us back often! I wasn't scared of what I could see, but what I couldn't.
The hose 2 It was good, but I already knew what was going to happen WTF WAS UP WITH THE LAST SCENE?! That's the only thing I didn't like about. Well I don't scare easily so all this did was irritate me with all the clicking. Hoppla, etwas ist schiefgegangen. Alle Angebote anzeigen Quelle: I can't get past the first room

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There seems to be some confusion about the Special Room Key. The maid also knew that the couple used to have their own child before, named Alrena. Hmm, is it still 'click til something happens'? Resident Evil 2 where you are going through the standard door opening transition scene when all of a sudden A PAIR OF ZOMBIES LEAP OUT AT YOU IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STYLIZED LOAD SCREEN!!!! Is this one even scarier than the first one? Don't just read reviews or play games on JayIsGames. When the note changed to that CREePY LITTLE KID in the Working Room