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Original Cluedo - Rules ( Version). Detective Notes. Dr. Black - found dead on Saturday evening at approximately pm. The body was found at the foot. Give each player a CLUE Sheet and pen (not must secretly cross off the Black CLUE cards they have been dealt . (See page 4 for classic rules on asking). The classic board game of Clue Here are the basic rules of Clue. Contents: Clue game board, six suspect tokens, six murder weapons. cluedo classic rules You want to move to a different room in the mansion on every turn. That player would want to check those items off of his or her list to rule them. Win the game by being the first player to solve the murder by correctly naming the murderer, the weapon used, and the place it took place. Be the first player to collect points and win. Keep the three types of cards separated and shuffle each the card stacks. Jonathan Green, the deceitful religious priest mobster.


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JY James Yuroo Jun 3. That player looks at their cards for one of the three cards that you just named, and if they have at least one of them, they must show you and only you the matching card of their choice. Community Dashboard Random Article About Us Categories Recent Changes. A, 10, K, Q, J, 9 TYPE OF GAME: Place the murder weapons in rooms randomly, no more than one per room. This responsibility passes clockwise until someone shows you a card, or until all players have passed. If there are three of you, then choose any three players on the game board.